Professional Copy Editing Services

What if we say, “We’ll exercise, expunge and purge your research work”? The most common reply would be a blank face with no clue of what we are trying to do. This is exactly the reaction that your research supervisor would give, when you’ll try and impress him with over-burdened English words.

Interpret things straight to your readers for them to understand better. Like we say that we edit research documents, it interprets the simple and clear meaning of what we intent to do. However, the strange fact behind this is that to write simple and clear is more complex than to write complicated. Sounds weird? It’s true. We come across with a lot of editing requirements for research papers, journal articles, technical reports, dissertation proposals, thesis chapters and what not. And most of them suffer from the disease of redundant prose, where writing has unnecessary words, incorrect grammar, inappropriate writing style and similar stuff.

So, here at Regent Editing, we bring our professional copy editing services and proofreading editing services for dissertations that checks and corrects all language errors in your content. The proficient team of editors are adept at necessary tweaking and fine-tuning your work.

What is NOT Included in Dissertation Copy Editing Service?

  1. Thorough suggestions for enhancing the writing style
  2. Correcting the format of dissertation
  3. Rewriting or rephrasing of sentences

We will enable you to grab an insight about multifaceted elements which makes your writing worthy for being applauded. Our editors work day in and day out, diving through your texts and rectifying the errors pertaining to spelling, punctuation, sentence formation and paragraph transition.

We offer icing on the top by providing all the necessary revisions in flow of thoughts and ideas, in tracked changes. This helps you access the sections you’re weak at and where you need to work on the next time you’re preparing an academic document. You may get in touch with our veteran editors for further doubts through email at [email protected].

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