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Regent Editing is your best companion when you are in quandary related to your dissertations. Our Dissertation Proofreading services are designed to let you hold all the aces. Our renowned proofreaders will trouble-shoot the errors of your documents and will make them ready to be submitted for IRB review.

At Regent Editing, our keen proofreaders understand the gravity of work burden on research scholars while researching. Many researchers are overwhelmed by the research process and cannot focus on writing. Dissertation proofreading service offered by Regent Editing lets you avoid the strenuous part of reviewing your writing over and over again to ensure that everything is correct. Dissertation proofreading service does not burn a hole in your pocket as the prices are very nominal. Have a look at what’s included in our proofreading service-

Basic Grammar Check

At Regent Editing our editors review your dissertation and nail down flaws such as inappropriate usage of tenses, articles and subject-verb agreement etc. They are experts in the technicalities of grammar.

Typographic errors

The team of our learned proofreaders revises the errors of your papers and nullifies the scope of extra usage of any letter, space or component existing in them.


It has been rightly said that “When our spelling is perfect, it’s invisible. But when it’s flawed, it prompts strong negative associations. “Our” proofreaders put efforts in scrutinising these errors and make your paper perfect for submissions.

Citation Style

Our proofreading services follow a proper methodology for incorporating the citations of the recommended style preferred by our clients. We even provide the assistance of revising the citations mentioned, to meet the standards.


Our services are designed to implement the formatting style as required by you. We focus on minute details such as font styles and sizes; margin, alignment and line spacing to make your work look up to the mark. However, in proofreading service, just a review of the formatting style is provided and corrections are not done. To ask for formatting corrections, please contact the support team by writing in at [email protected]

Dissertation proofreading service is designed for experienced authors. If you are a first time author, we recommend your editing service for dissertation. The difference between proofreading and editing service can be viewed here: Compare Editing, Proofreading and ESL Editing

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