How to choose an editor for your dissertation?

The process of copy editing comes at the end of the whole project when the manuscript is ready. A copy editor typically checks the language, content, and style of the dissertation. This is the basic editing service focusing on the issue of grammar, punctuation, syntax, structuring, content, and writing style of dissertation. A copy editor checks also language inconsistencies and  upperA substantive ed or lower case imperfections. 

itor comes early in the process of editing a dissertation. This is a superior level of editing dealing with the argument, flow, voice, and clarity of the content. It can also involve feedback of the dissertation on how to restructure the content. As an aspect of academic editing, the substantive editor has to have a command on the language and the field of the research. The fresh pair of eyes will do all the needed justice to your dissertation.

As much as a doctoral candidate will hate to admit, he will need help with the dissertation before submitting it at the University. While a majority of the researchers are prolific writers, they are not good with the Native English language and long list of grammar rules to abide by. An editor is someone who is a critical reader with a knack of knowledge in the subject field and language. 

You cannot deny the fact that your dissertation needs to be edited, whether it requires the basic copy editing or substantive editing. After going through a tedious task of conducting research and writing it down, a researcher (literally) has no patience and energy left to edit and proofread it himself. Broadly with the two types of academic editing, the scholar has to choose an editor for the editing of the dissertation. But how will you choose  for your dissertation? No, you don’t have to do another research for choosing the right editor, but you just have to be a little smart and know the difference between the type of editing services offered. 

Although a researcher can find innumerable freelancers to edit the document, he has to be wise in his selection. You must choose the editor who is full time involved in editing extensive research works for a long duration of his career. Considering the skills and specialities of the editor is a must. Apart from the type of editing service, you have to make sure the editor has the potential and experience in editing in the same field. 

Build a rapport with your chosen editor; inquire about the way he will edit the dissertation, whether it matches your ideology or not. Thus, choose a professional editor after inspecting every little and colossal detail.

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