12 Tips for Working/Researching from home for your PhD during Covid-19 Pandemic

As quarantine duration has increased in most of the states in India, staying productive to finish important tasks has become quite a task. If you are working on your PhD research, there is a sense of procrastination that creeps in whenever you are trying to work or research for your projects.
To make you more productive and make your PhD work more interesting, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks.

1-Create a game plan for your research

Instead of leaving everything for the last minute, make a plan of how you will finish your research work. Divide your project into small portions and then dedicate a few hours a day to finish the designated portion. Whenever you are finished with your portion for the day, award yourself or treat yourself.

2- Let’s get physical

During the pandemic, we are lacking physical activities. This has directly impacted our concentration. Allocate time for physical activity in your daily schedule. There are many youtube channels dedicated to apartment-friendly workouts. There are various types of workouts available for free, from cardio to pilates, yoga HIIT, you can find anything you want. Just make sure that you are getting worked up and sweating every day.

3-Stay in touch with your supervisor

The best way to keep a check on your research and the progress of your research is by keeping in touch with your supervisor. Keep your advisor updated on whatever you are planning, organize regular zoom calls or skype calls, get feedback from them. Make your supervisor your friend in this journey of completing your Ph.D. research.

4- Start something new

Now, as you have enough time, start something new. This will create a sense of excitement and you will lookout to learn something new every day. Get a hobby, go to online classes, learn gardening. Anything that is interesting and that will get your endorphins kicked in. This will directly impact your concentration, which is going to help in increasing your productivity.

5- Get a morning schedule

‘If you win your morning, you win your day.”
 Tim Ferriss

Morning routines have their praise. During pandemic days, it is super important to have a morning routine. Getting a morning schedule will help you to have a disciplined day and you will get more work done throughout the day. It is hard to have a schedule as we don’t have the hassle of life, but try to make one for yourself to have a productive day.


Pandemic has created many social media trends. From Banana bread to multiple dress changes in 30 seconds, social media has become a platform for showing your creativity. Don’t be afraid to be silly and follow the trends of social media. Stay in touch and stay in trend. You don’t know what you will find.

7- Read, Read, Read and Read.

Now, you have days and nights to research, use wisely and effectively. Read lots of material regarding your Ph.D. topic as well as topics that intrigue you. It is good to keep your mind working and active.

8- “You don’t need people to have a dance party !”

So what, you are alone and don’t have people to organize a party. Do it for yourself. Blast your favorite playlists and dance your heart out. And the best thing, if you are shy or a bad dancer, there is no one to judge you.

9-Sit and write about your research

Cook something and start working on your research. Play some meditation music or podcasts, and start working on your quota of the day. Finish your amount of work that you have designated for the day and then, see how proud you will feel of yourself. Don’t forget to pat your back on finishing your work for the day.

10- Keep a track of your thoughts

A lot of people have suffered from mental health crises during such times. So, don’t avoid your thoughts and feelings. Keep a journal, practice mindfulness, practice breathwork, and just see how you feel throughout the day. Don’t force yourself to avoid how you feel. Be aware of your mind and your soul.

11- Join webinars, online classes, chat rooms, or any community

This is the time to be more in touch with people. The fact that we are alone in real life, feeling lonely in figurative nature is very normal. Hence, join the live stream of your favourite comedian or join webinars related to your PhD subject or any topic that you desire to know about. Stay connected with people at least virtually.

12- Be kind to yourself

Times are tough and the task of finishing your Ph.D. research paper can be tough. But, you have to remember that you have to be kind and gentle with yourself. You will finish your Ph.D. research paper, just take slow and steady steps.
Remember one step at a time.

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